Prophetic Channel App Reviews

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This app is so amazing to be able to stay connected! I love Major One and to be able to connect and see him even being even the us so far away its awesome to be able to see him. But if theres anyway to be able to start selling products such as Lion of Judah oil to make them available to us that would be amazing!! Thank you and God bless always!!

Great content

Thank you for creating an app for the prophetic channel, music and information about international visitors. It is well needed.

Blessed app

A must have! You need this app for your life here on earth and your journey to Heaven. Get it today.

Blessing app

I thank God of Major1, since I connected with major1 my life has never been the same again. May God bless and protect him all his life.

Major 1

Awsome app.Thank you for making this app available to the world.We are receiving the supernatural of God via the anointing coming from ECG Pretoria. Other than the live channel having some technical issues a times..I am otherwise very happy with this app. Shalom!


This app is perfect. I Live this app.

Love this App!!!

Major 1 is a true man of God. I stay connected to remain protected. Watch all the time.

Luv it wow

This is the real deal


This app is so nice that I will never want to miss even a single program. It encourage me a lot and uplift my spiritual life. Thank you PROPHETIC CHANNEL. May the LORD continue to used you for the SALVATION of all mankind!


Thank you so much for this wonderful app! If you love Jesus you will love this app. I watch it daily. Some shows are live and some shows are recordings but the energy is amazing. Prophet Bushiri is the prophet for our generation. God is still talking.


In love this app, i am able to connect to all the live services, wonderful!


Love this app but please check on the sound and streaming when it stops, it does not come back back here in the states. Otherwise, love it

Great App

Im happy to watch a great man of God exhibiting the great gospel of God. I enjoy watching from New York. I cant wait to visit ECG.

Best App in The Market.

This app is better than any app any where. Experience supernatural signs wonders and a changed life by tuning in now. Tune in now and receive your healing, deliverance and breakthrough. Download Now

Little Louisiana!!!

Awesome app!!! Bringing the word!!

Major 1

This is a very powerful app. Watching Major 1 services here is a blessing.

Major 1.. My Prophet

Thank U and staff for this App..

Not working

It doesnt play any videos. I cant watch anything live coz the streaming doesnt work!!!! Such a disappointment! Theres a strike thru the middle of the play button and it says " stream not available".. Pls fix it !!


Works excellently on My iPhone and Galaxy Tablet.


This app is perfect.

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